Dating of the book of daniel

Babylon was a once former great kingdom dominated by the Assyrian Empire. C., Nabopolassar became the king of Babylon he challenged Assyrian control. C., with the aid of the Medes and Scythian hordes, Nabopolassar sacked the Assyrian capital of Nineveh.

Assyria, following the sacking went into a quick decline, the armies of Assyria abandoned the cities of Haran at the approaching Babylonians in 610 B. Egypt allied itself with Assyria against Babylon to retake the city. C., Egypt was trying to inherit the what remained of the Assyrian empire, resulting in the battle of Carchemish. Nabopolassar also died, and his son Nebuchadnezzar commander of the Babylonian forces returned to Babylon. Josiah reinstituted the Covenant, celebrating a national Passover, and destroying idol worship (2 Kings 22-23).

So we will concentrate on that section first, and then broaden the discussion to encompass some of the earlier prophecies (e.g. Essentially the same position is maintained even to this day by liberal scholars throughout Christendom.Both the stories and the visions follow a chronological order denoted by the reigns of Nebuchadnezzar to Cyrus.The heathen kingdoms are symbolized by ‘beasts’ under whom the Jews suffer, but in the face of death Daniel’s companions display loyalty to their God (Dan.There is no evidence to support the idea that Daniel was written in the 600s, as Daniel died in about 535 BC.Let me change your question to "What evidence is there that Daniel was written in the 500s BC? The strongest evidence that Daniel was written in the 6th century BC is the predictive prophecies themselves.The evidence of the language of the book leads to the conclusion that it was written in the fifth century BC plus or minus a century. In other words, the Aramaic and Hebrew in the book, according to the experts, is from somewhere between roughly 350 and 600 BC. Only the liberals who have a preconceived notion give a later date, but when I look at their arguments their bias is so obvious it can be discounted. This includes the inclusion of Daniel in the Greek Septuagint translation (made by about 180 BC, and probably earlier) as well as the discovery of fragements of Daniel in the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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