Down with dating feeling gloomy

Especially when you add in external factors such as work, kids, family, friends, exes, etc.

Dating is hard; dating when depressed is even harder. Waking up takes too much energy, but laying in bed becomes imprisonment.

With any ordinary person, it may be infuriating, waiting for them to rise up and do the things you want to do. A depressed person probably thinks they're the worst. The only reason anyone would want to be with them is because they feel bad for them.

So often, they may be unwilling to get out of bed or do something. The results revealed that students who were assigned to a room mate with high levels of cognitive vulnerability were likely to ‘catch’ their room mate's style of thinking and develop a vulnerability to depression themselves.The result showed that students who developed an increase in depressive thinking in the first three months of college, had nearly twice the level of depressive symptoms at six months than those who didn't show such an increase. Chronic stress, traumatic events, drug and alcohol abuse, a family history of mental health problems and, as this new study shows, even being surrounded by people who are negative can trigger the condition.It isn't a normal experience, but it is important to know a few things when you start dating someone with depression. Their gloomy outlook on a bright day can put a damper on your mood. It is easy to feel drained or down around a depressed person. It is important to remember that you are your own person, even if you are dating someone. But despite -- or perhaps because of -- such relentlessly bad news, there's an up side -- for daters, at least.


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