Ps3 having trouble updating games top dating sites members

The patch has created an issue and prevents people booting the game.

The temporary fix to ensure people can enjoy RE6 today as intended is to ask those people to un-install the game (only if they originally saw an error message) and re-install the game.

You can follow our guide for doing so here, or you can check out Sony's official instructions here.

Being limited to the 12GB of internal flash storage won't prevent the single-player mode from being playable, but it will mean you'll be unable to take advantage of any new features or changes introduced in future updates.

It also means you'll be missing out on the single-player story DLC we know is coming, as well as the online heists that will be added. Given the size of the hard drive, you could be forgiven for thinking the 12GB PS3 was available at launch in 2006.

This time they won’t be prompted to download the patch and the game will load.

Please note however, these people won’t be able to play against disc owners on a temporary basis.


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