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Today I’m going to bust THE big myth about what attracts women to men, and give you the straight up honest truth.You’ll learn the underlying psychology of why women are attracted to certain things men do, and I’ll be showing you how you can use this knowledge to understand why there are so many popular misconceptions about attraction.Women psychology in dating of what goes on in her mind is far different than that of men’s. They play the game because there’s not much risk and it’s a very simple game that is based on luck.

My goal is to help women understand the men they love. or at least to not get freaked out by our emotions. With three sons and two grandsons to my credit, as well as a lot of years studying about and working with men and their relationships, I think I’ve got the inside track on that one …

In summary, over four months with identical profile content the subjectively most attractive female avatar had maxed out "her" inbox with 528 messages, while the most handsome male account had received just 38.[pullquote source="Keep Inline]All but the most basic online dating sites include some kind of algorithm to try and partner customers up with someone they'll hit it off with, with varying degrees of scientific hype behind their advertising copy.

The notion that "opposites attract" is completely bulldozed over, for the quite legitimate fear of inundating each dater with people they will absolutely despise.

Half of the participants were told that the target was single and half read that the target was currently in a relationship.

The results showed that only single women were more interested in pursuing an attached target rather than a single target.


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